I’m a native British English speaker who spent 15 years living and working in Germany. During that time, I became fluent in German and I learned the skills of technical translation at the Fremdspracheninstitut München, Munich’s municipal foreign languages institute.

Since then, I have worked as a German to English translator and localisation expert in both the UK and Germany, providing technical translation services, as well as translating website content, press releases and sport-related documentation. I also have a special interest in carrying out German to English translation projects for the cycling industry.

While the human component is essential for a successful translation project, I also recognise that technology can be a useful tool. That’s why I incorporate SDL Trados translation software in my work. This software is the industry standard for translation professionals and helps to ensure the work I do is carried out efficiently and accurately.

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Mother tongue translation

Translation is more than just switching words from one language to another – it’s important to think about the audience, localisation issues and ensuring the finished piece is compelling to read and technically accurate.

Many translation experts, including myself, believe that the best way to translate is into the translator’s mother tongue, since it allows for the most nuanced and detailed finished piece. That’s why the translation services I provide are from German into English. The result is a document that sounds like it was written by a native speaker – because it was.

A love of cycling

While my professional skills and experience revolve around German to English translation, most of my free time is spent on a bicycle.

Cycling has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but I gained a passion for the sport about ten years ago after my first charity ride. Today, I’m involved with a bike club and I compete in road racing, cyclo-cross and TT events.
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I love getting out and pedalling along, and my favourite place to ride is on the undulating terrain of North Devon. It’s so peaceful and one of the best ways for me to clear my mind and regain focus.

German to English translation services

As a specialist in technical German to English translation, I am happy to work with clients in the cycling industry, as well as other commercial fields including telecommunications, automotive and IT.

Previous projects have spanned both digital and print media, including technical data, instruction manuals and product descriptions, as well as press releases, marketing materials and website content.

To learn more about my translation and localisation services, or to discuss your next project with me, contact me today.
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