In today’s globalised world, businesses often work across multiple language markets, and high-quality translation is essential for accurate and effective communications.

Good translation is more than just switching words from one language to another. It also requires familiarity with the audience, a thorough understanding of the content and an ability to recognise linguistic subtleties in both languages. With these key skills, a translator can create a finished piece of content that is compelling to read and technically accurate.

As a German to English translator with experience spanning more than 20 years, I have built a reputation for translating technical documents from German to English. Projects have included instruction manuals and website content, as well as press releases and other written materials for the telecommunications, automotive, IT, sport and other commercial fields.

My translations go beyond the words on the page, and I aim to create translated content that makes sense and sounds completely natural. That’s the benefit of mother tongue translation.
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Translation for the cycling industry

As an avid cyclist, my speciality is working with businesses in the cycling industry to translate product documentation, technical information and websites.

My technical experience and expert knowledge of both German and English, combined with my keen interest in everything bicycle-related, means that I can take on even even the most obscure German cycling terms. And I can translate them into an English equivalent that readers in locations like the UK and US will be able to understand.

To find out more about how I can help with German to English translation projects for the cycling industry, or in other sectors, please get in touch.
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